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Our Family

Becca & Zach
All of us!  Taken December '96
Aunt Chelsea
Grandpa & Grandma

Our family, at this time, consists
of Bill and Joyce (parents/grandparents),
Doug and Sara (son and daughter-in-law),
Chelsea (daughter), and Rebecca
and Zachary (grandchildren).
Doug is in the Air Force, stationed
at Yokota AB, in Japan. He and his
family will be there until July of 2000.
Chelsea will be a freshman in the fall
of 1997. She is active in chorus and band.
She enjoys going to the movies,
hanging out with friends, and going to
the local sporting events.

Mom & Dad
Doug loves his Camaro!
Doug, Sara, Becca & Zach
This picture was drawn for Grandpa and Grandma by Becca and Zach!