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Our Pets

This is Molly.  She is Doug and Sara's dog, but she's staying with us while they're in Japan.  She's a two year old German Sheppard cross. She's very playful, and loves being outside.  If she had her way, she'd be a 65 lb. lap dog.
This is Buffy.  She's a 6 year old Golden Retriever cross.  She's very gentle and friendly.  She deals with being outside, but would much rather be a house dog.

We also have a 16 year old half-dachsund named Corky.  Sorry to say we don't have a picture of him at this time.  He's a very stubborn dog.  Even though he's rather small, he'll still let the 2 other dogs know that he's the boss!  He loves to make his rounds along the edge of our yard, but won't venture much farther than that.