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Who We Are
We are Bill and Joyce Palmer.  We are both active in the Church of Christ (Christian) in Rushville, IL.  Bill teaches the Christian Life Jr. High class, teaches Bible Study, and is an elder in the church.  Joyce plays the piano and keyboard, and is the church financial secretary as well as a part-time secretary.

Bill retired from Catepillar Inc. in 1994, after over 30 years of employment.  He now works for a local construction company.
Joyce works as a bookkeeper for the Schuyler Counseling Center.

We both enjoy going to the local High School music and sporting activities, and watching birds and other wildlife. We live in a rural area, and many animals, such as deer, squirrels, racoons and coyotes are a common sight around our house.
We have 2 children. Doug, who is in The Air Force, stationed in Japan, and Chelsea, who is a freshman in high school.  Please find out more about our kids on our family page!